What To Tell Elderly Parents About Healthy Eating

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Most elders criticize the members of the younger generations for loving fast foods. They tend to say, “When we were your age, we’re more than happy to eat fruits and vegetables.” Thus, they get to live a long life. “The food you eat can have a direct effect on your energy level, physical health, and mood,” says Carol A. Gooch,M.S., LPC, LCDC, LMFT.

Despite that, it’s no secret that some senior citizens have embraced innovation too much, to the point that they no longer want to eat healthily. In their minds, you can only live once; that’s why you should eat whatever you want while it’s still possible.

In case your elderly parents won’t listen to you about healthy eating, here are some things you can tell them.

  • You will always look and feel fresh. According to psychologists Lawrence Robinson, Jeanne Segal Ph.D., and Robert Segal, M.A., “Eating a healthy diet is not about strict limitations, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, it’s about feeling great, having more energy, improving your health, and boosting your mood.” Even after eight hours, you will still have the energy to cook for your family or play with your grandkids. You will also not have to get checked by a doctor often, except for general examinations. You can do any activity you want because you are getting all the nutrients that your body needs to stay fit.
  • Coughs and influenzas will rarely be a problem even if people who are infected by them surround you. After all, your immune system will be strong enough to fight such viruses. If ever you do get affected, your recovery time will be faster.

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  • You will never have to worry again about your weight. Some people panic when they see that they are gaining or losing weight, but if you only stick to healthy meals all day, you will never face that problem.
  • Your brain will function better, so you can also perform better during the day. A study has proven that healthy eating can help you keep your mind and memory sharp even at an old age.
  • You can get all the nutrients and minerals that your body needs.
  • In a way, it will always make you happy because your digestion will be smooth, thanks to the fiber in your food.
  • You will have glowing skin, and you will not have to drink or apply any chemically infused products that may have side effects on you later on.
  • It will make you live longer. Now you know the secret of the oldies who are already in their 80s but still seem stronger than other people younger than them.


If you have aging parents, it is recommended that you begin changing their diet into a healthier one. They are more prone to diseases than ever, so they need to eat real foods that can replenish the nutrients in their bodies. There are many adults right now who have kept on just eating burgers and sweets in their childhood and are now regretting it, so do not let them live that way.

It is great to be on this earth without having to worry about acquiring many illnesses or other health-related problems. Besides, you will feel clean inside and out because you are not eating much crappy food already that does nothing but add empty calories to your body.

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Enforcing a proper diet is not a bad thing. No matter how old you are now, do not think that you are already too old to change your food lifestyle. After all, it is still better late than never. “In reality, having a healthy relationship with food involves indulging along with being flexible and kind to yourself,” stated Rachel Goldman, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist focused on health and wellness.