Why You Shouldn’t Think Of Cost-Cutting When It Comes To Your Beloved Parents

When I am not busy working, you will typically find me volunteering at homeless shelters all over the city. You can say that it is one of the teenage passions that I have carried over to adulthood. I enjoy teaching and cooking for the less fortunate individuals in the community than drinking and partying with friends.

Among all the shelters I frequent, though, I especially love going to one that’s closest to my house. That is where I typically see Joe, a 75-year-old homeless man. I am not sure where he has come from, but from what I heard from him, his adult kids brought him in a nursing home and migrated to Europe. They stopped paying for the facility, so he decided to flee and live in the alleys or subways.

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Joe’s stories about the olden days are always fun, but I feel sorry for him for getting abandoned by his children. I have aging parents, too, but it is something that I have never thought of doing to them. I believe that it is among the unspoken mortal sins, considering one of the Ten Commandments states that you should “honor thy father and mother.” According to Kathryn Betts Adams Ph.D., M.S.W., “As we mid-lifers age, our parents or other older relatives, if we’re fortunate to still have them, may be reaching the point when they need a little help from their friends (or family members.).”

Here’s why you should not be frugal when it comes to your parents.

They Did Everything For You While Growing Up

According to Maud Purcell, LCSW, CEAP, “As your parents age you will feel a wide range of emotions. Anticipating these reactions and preparing for them will make life easier.” No matter how financially unstable your family may have been when you were still a child, you should not hate them for it. I know even now that a lot of parents would rather take out a loan to buy their kids’ needs than tell them that they cannot afford it. And even if you might not have luxurious things while growing up, your parents perhaps compensated for it by always bringing food to the table.

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They Deserve To Be Cared For As Much As They Have Cared For You

Your mom and dad ideally prioritized your well-being instead of their own bodies. Every time you would fall ill as a child, you might recall them staying up all night long to give you medicine. Regardless of how exhausted they were from work, they would have the energy to cook for you or help with your school projects. “Though your parents may seem to be less able than they once were, show respect for the life experience they have gained and the great sacrifices they may have made for you,” says GARY GILLES, LCPC.

Now that the tables have turned and you are already more able than your parents, the least you can do is provide their financial needs.

You Don’t Want Karma To Hit You Hard

More than what other people may say, you should not cut costs too much when you are dealing with aging parents because karma can bite your ass. Someday, your children may grow up and see how you treat their grandparents and assume that that’s the right thing to do. When you become a senior citizen, therefore, they may not think twice before abandoning you in a nursing home, too. Then, you will remember how awful you have been to your parents.

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Final Thoughts

In times when you think of becoming frugal where your old parents are concerned, you should keep in mind that they have shorter days on this planet than you. What is so bad about caring for them and giving them a bit of luxury when they can no longer provide for themselves?