Tips From The 2015 Sunnyvale Parenting Workshop

The 2015 Sunnyvale parenting workshop was one of the exciting events that I attended in the fast few years. The truth is that I always have reservations when it comes to attending workshops or seminars. For me, they are only a complete waste of time and effort. However, I made an exception for the above-mentioned parenting workshop. Even if I had second thoughts, I still showed up for the said event.


Fortunately, everything turned out to be perfect not only for me but for all the other parents who attended the workshop. We had so much fun in reminding ourselves of the beauty of parenting. At the same time, we got a lot of lessons and advice from the lecturers. Everyone was friendly and accommodating, which made the workshop easy to participate with.

These are some of the lessons I learned during the event:

  • Every parent needs to be more understanding and patient when it comes to dealing with children, especially those who are still transitioning from being kids to teens. Take note that the stricter you become, the more resistant your teen may become. Use a different approach in teaching him some values.
  • An excellent parent must never embarrass his child in front of the latter’s friends. If you want to scold your kid, make sure to do it in a private room or away from the public eye. Otherwise, your beloved child may resent you as he starts to grow up.
  • Avoid spoiling your kid by giving him everything he wants. While it is ideal to provide for his wants and needs at all times, you must be responsible for making him humble. As such, always give him what is enough and not too much.

Parenthood is fun and exciting, as long as you know the right things to do.