Top Benefits Of Physical Therapy For Seniors 

Did you know that accidents are common to seniors? Are you aware that old individuals are more likely to suffer from chronic illnesses compared to the young ones? The reason behind this is simple: as a person grows old, his health becomes complicated. Because of this, there is a high possibility that he would not be able to enjoy the full functions of his senses. As such, the likelihood of the occurrence of accidents and injuries is high.

According to Jennifer M. Bottomley, PhD, MS, PT, president of the geriatrics section of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and adviser to the surgeon general, “one of the main things that brings older people to the physical therapist is a fall. “They want and need to maintain their independence,” she says.


Now that we have established such a fact, what you need to understand is the significance of physical therapy for seniors.

“It’s important to look at each individual,” stresses Tim Kauffman, PT, PhD. “Every person of any age has an individual background, say an auto accident, football injury, genetic predispositions. No two ‘old’ people are the same.” 

If you have a senior parent living in your home, then be sure to be aware of the various effects of physical therapy. Take note that it is something your parents may need in the future. Here are some of the typical advantages: 

  1. It Makes Your Parent More Responsible. Physical therapy does not only involve treating an injury or illness. At the same time, it also encourages the patient to practice some preventive measures. The assistance of a physiotherapist is essential to remind your old parent the proper ways on how to avoid getting into accidents. When this happens, your beloved dad will eventually become more responsible or accountable for his actions. 


  1. It Lowers The Risk of Injury. One of the most common problems in seniors is that they lose their sense of balance or stability. This is why they are exposed to potential dangers most of the time. They may also have difficulty in walking or transferring from one place to another. Fortunately, physical therapy can address this issue. As a result, the risk that your dad may suffer from an injury is decreased. 


  1. It Decreases Pain From Chronic Illness. The help and support of a physiotherapist are necessary to improve your parent’s condition. This is most important if your senior parent is suffering from chronic pain or illness. Take note that a health professional can take a closer look at the medical condition of your old father. At the same time, he also can create a treatment plan that would alleviate the pain or discomfort suffered by your senior dad. 


  1. It Improves Confidence. Another significant advantage of this form of therapy is that it can make your parents recover his self-confidence or self-esteem. Accidents, injuries and other circumstances brought by old age can make your parents feel dysfunctional. He has a high tendency to doubting his strengths and abilities. Luckily, physical therapy can solve this problem. Since a physiotherapist can make an old individual recover from injury or pain, it can be expected that the patient involved would become happier or feel better at the end of the session. 




As an adult child, it is your responsibility to see to it that your senior parent goes to a physical therapist. Be sure to regularly ask for updates from your dad so that you will have an idea of whether or not it is time to consult a health practitioner about his condition. 

For some, as an additional support, they go to therapy.“The benefits of therapy extend far beyond periods of crisis,” says Ryan Howes, Ph.D., a California-based psychologist and writer. “Many people want more than to be ‘not depressed.’ They wonder what they can do to be the happiest, most productive, most loving version of themselves.”