What Not To Tell Your Aging Parents

A recent study shows that seniors are more sensitive to those who belong to the younger generation. According to the study, as a person grows old, he becomes easily affected by all the things he hears as well as the other issues that come his way. Because of this, everyone is reminded to be more careful when it comes to dealing with an old individual. According to psychologist Azadeh Aalai, “In regards to my own father, in order to maintain a relationship with him I have had to alter my expectations regarding what to expect from him.”


source: rd.com

If you have aging parents, there are many things that you need to keep all to yourself. Below is a list of the things that you should never mention to anyone of them:


“Why Are You Always Forgetting That?”

While this may be true, it is something that your parents do not want to hear. It will hurt them a lot to be reminded of the fact that their mental faculties have already declined. They will be embarrassed to find out that their memory is no longer great, unlike when they were still in their prime years. For this reason, stop expecting them to remember your stories or comments about specific topics. According to Christina Steinorth, MFT, a psychotherapist , “Aging is a series of losses — loss of employment, health and energy, friends, mobility, and independence.” Consider how you’d feel if you were in their situation, she said.


“Stop Acting Like A Child.”

Never dismiss the concerns of your parents by telling them this hurtful line. The truth is that they may start doing things that you may find weird. You may even judge them for acting in such manner. Well, doing it can break their hearts. The best way to make them feel better is to show support and acceptance. If you believe that they are acting childish, find a perfect time to point it out but be sure that the manner of communicating the problem will not hurt them.


“You Do Not Need My Help For That.”

Keep in mind that your parents are already weak. Unfortunately, they do not have the strength to get things done compared to when they were younger. Try to offer help whenever you can see that they need one. Do not be annoyed whenever they want to ask for some guidance or assistance from you. Instead, always be willing to help them in addressing their needs or requests.


“I’m Too Busy For You.”

Are you having a busy time at work? Do you have a hectic schedule? If yes, then hearing the requests of your parents to spend time with them may annoy you easily. Well, it is crucial for you to know that your parents want nothing else but to spend quality time with you. They do not demand that you stay by their side every hour or every day. Even one weekend is already enough for them. Always find time to make them happy because you will never know what could happen next. “As an older adult experiences increased cognitive and/or physical limitation, facilitate various types of coping skills to help the senior adjust with dignity,” says Preston Ni M.S.B.A.


source: aplaceformom.com

There are still many words and sentences that you must not say to your aging parents. Always think twice before you utter anything to them. Think about how they would react if they can hear you. Keep in mind that your parents are experiencing difficulty due to their old age. Do not make it more problematic on their part. Be polite and nice in talking to your elderly parents.