Live With A Senior Parent: Is This The Right Decision? 

“As your parents age you will feel a wide range of emotions,” says Maud Purcell, LCSW, CEAP. Many questions come to mind when it comes to taking good care of one’s elderly parent, some of which include identifying the proper living arrangements for them as well as looking into their finances. Unfortunately, this becomes challenging especially if you already have a family of your own. In this article, we are going to look into the different tips on how you could handle the necessity of having an elderly parent live with you. Be sure to remember these: 




 Balance The Pros And Cons 

Recognize what your limitations are and where you need outside help,” suggests Trudi Griffin, LPC, MS. Before making a decision, it is essential on your part to study the situation carefully. Gather all the relevant and material information regarding your parent’s condition so that you will have an idea of what to do next. Avoid making rash decisions to avoid committing errors or mistakes in the decision-making process. Think of the advantages or disadvantages of all available options. After that, balance the pros and cons to make an informed choice. 


Know What Your Parent Wants 

“Empathize with your parents,” says Christina Steinorth, MFT, a psychotherapist. Remember that the decision respecting the living arrangement of your senior parent does not lie on your hands alone. There is also a great need to talk to your mom or dad about it. Make it a habit of asking about his or her preference. Avoid insisting on an option that is not favorable to your old parent. Otherwise, he or she will end up hating or abhorring you for it. Remember that the conversation with an old person may be awkward and difficult, which is why you have to be more patient.  


Talk To Your Spouse 




Communication in marriage plays a significant role. Every married couple needs to talk about topics that could affect the entire family. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you open up about your dilemma to your partner at all times. Keep in mind that having secrets can cause some problems in the marital union. Therefore, if you have already decided to bring your senior parent home, the best thing to do first is to get the consent of your partner. 


Prepare The Kids 




Aside from preparing your wife about the significant change at home, you also need to deal with your children. You must inform them that their grandparent is going to stay at home. Doing this will help them become responsible individuals. Aside from telling them about the new living arrangement, you should also give them assignments or reminders on how to take good care of the senior. For sure, your kids will be excited to have your dad or mom around. It is fun to have a new member in the household who could add more happy memories at home. 


Remember that your senior parent needs you. Do not worry about how your husband would react to asking your mom or dad to live with you. As long as you know how to communicate with your partner properly, everything will be okay. Again, be sure to think twice before making a decision. Look into the situation first and follow the tips provided above.