How To Keep Our Seniors Safe At Home

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The 2017 Senior Care Conference was a collaborative event sponsored by post-acute care associations, senior care, and skilled nursing facilities. The event was graced by a seasoned keynote speaker who believed that there was and will always be hope for a great future in the United States, including the seniors and their retirement years. The elderly are among America’s significant populations that also need attention, especially since most of them will live in senior living facilities. But for seniors who want to live in their homes, there was also a discussion about evaluating their needs in the home, some of which will be reviewed here.

Keeping Our Seniors Safe At Home

It is quite understandable why some seniors still prefer to live in their own homes, even as they move further into old age. A home is one’s solace where we are comfortable, relaxed, and at peace. But for the elderly, they must be provided with additional assistance within the premises of her home. Eventually, however, as they grow much older, living alone in their homes may no longer be possible for them.

The primary variable that needs to be evaluated is the home layout and condition.

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  • Meals. Assess if the senior is still capable of cooking or eating healthy food.
  • Driving. Know if he still drives or if he has someone reliable to call and drive for him when he needs to buy something or go somewhere.
  • Risk of falls. Check the major spaces in his home, like the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. Check for hazards and make sure that these hazards are eliminated to keep them safe.
  • Mental capacity. Ask him simple to complex questions and evaluate if he is answering with sense. Evaluating cognitive function is very important.
  • Emergency planning. Ensure that the senior knows how to call for help and has a list of emergency numbers that he can call. Also, it would be better if there is someone he can call in emergency cases.