Food Restrictions For Senior Parents




Taking care of elderly parents must be one of your top priorities in life. As an adult offspring, it is your responsibility to ensure that your senior parents are in good health all the time. According to Donna M. White, LMHC, CACP, “Scientific research shows that eating healthy can drastically change your mood and improve your way of life.” Take note that they are not getting any younger. You must exert some effort in making sure that they avoid a specific set of good. As early as now, it is significant to emphasize that the secret to a long life is choosing to follow a healthy lifestyle. Below are some of the food restrictions for senior parents:



Caffeine has become famous all over the world. Many people have made it a part of their daily intake. While coffee may offer some benefits to its consumers, it is also established that too much of this kind of beverage can cause serious health problems. Always remember that seniors have a lower tolerance for the adverse effects of coffee. Because of this, it is necessary to remind your senior parents to drink coffee in moderation.





One of the most common sicknesses suffered by elderly individuals is diabetes. This illness is something that you need to take seriously. When any of your parents have diabetes, it is possible that they would encounter complications in their medical condition. As such, your primary goal is to keep them away from sugar. In preparing for their food, be sure to lessen or eliminate the use of sugar to taste.



Fatty foods can lead to increasing the risks to the health of your senior parents. In fact, these can cause problems for the functions of its circulatory system. Keep in mind that high concentrations of cholesterol in the blood can also lead to atherosclerosis. Another possible scenario is the development of heart disease, which could eventually end in a heart attack.


Carbonated Drinks

If your senior parents are fond of drinking carbonated drinks, then find ways to make them stop consuming it. Tell them that soft drinks are bad for their health. These beverages are high in sugar, which can trigger problems that could lead to diabetes. Aside from this, it can also result in stroke especially when the body could not handle too many unhealthy elements or components inside it. Matthew Smith, Ph.D. shares that, “Water continues to be a healer, perhaps one we should consider more carefully.”



 Processed Foods

As much as possible, it is necessary to add some fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet of your parents. Do not let their consumer processed or canned foods. As you probably know by now, these contain preservatives that can be unhealthy for your senior parents. As an alternative, go for natural foods that are rich in fiber. If they are staying in your place, be sure to keep the processed foods in storage areas that are not readily accessible for them. When you do this, you would be able to help them decrease their cravings for such foods.


Watching the diet and lifestyle of your old mom and dad is essential for their well being. Do not take them for granted by helping them avoid the restricted foods. Be there to support them every step of the way. This is the point of their lives when they could use some assistance from you. “Knowing the multidimensional aspects of wellness can help to improve your health,” shares Shainna Ali Ph.D., LMHC.