The Challenges Of Parental Care



Caring for an old parent may bring up many challenges in your life. Not only is it medically challenging, in that what works healthwise for younger people usually should be modified for older people, and in that there is often no clear answer on what’s “right” medically (although geriatrics care points towards what’s usually “better”),” according to  Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH. This journey is not an easy thing to do, especially if you are not close to your mother or father. However, this does not mean that the situation is unbearable. There are many things that you could do to make things better for everyone. “No matter how you begin your caregiving role, you will have to make changes in your life,” says Carol Bradley Bursack.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top challenges of parental care. Knowing these challenges is necessary so that you will identify the best approach to solve them.


  1. Financial Issues

Take note that caring for an elderly parent may require an allocation for the additional budget on your part. Keep in mind that your old mom or dad needs additional supplies on a weekly basis. Some of these must-have items include adult diapers, supplements, and other medicines. At the same time, there may also be a necessity to pay for the salary of a caretaker or personal nurse. As such, it is essential that you set aside some cash for parental care while you are still young. Make some preparations to avoid having financial problems in the future.


  1. Attitude Problems

Doing something nice for your old parent is rewarding. However, it becomes problematic if the other person does not want to be helped or guided. Unfortunately, there are still parents who want to become independent. Because of this, they often reject the support and assistance of their children. If your parent has the same characteristic or personality, the smart move is to make the former understand your sentiments. Try to strike a meaningful conversation to either of them and present your side. According to Dr. Michelle Rosser-Majors, “As human beings, we aspire to feel competent, valued, and appreciated. Positive words have this type of power, creating the solid foundations needed to build strong, productive relationships that resonate clear lines of communications.”


  1. Health Concerns

It is a fact that the more a person ages, the more complicated his health becomes. As a result, you can expect your elderly parent to become sicklier than ever. There might even be some serious medical complications that will come your way. When this happens, do not panic. Instead, seek for the help of an expert in the medical field who could prescribe the right medicines for your parent. Avoid reading online articles that can only make you feel more paranoid about the situation.


  1. Quality Time

You will be surprised at how sensitive and overly envious a parent can become once he starts to grow older. For this reason, expect him or her always to want to see you. Make things more comfortable for both of you by setting a particular day for the week wherein you can spend quality time together. You can choose to arrange for a quick afternoon get-away with the entire family or even a simple dinner gathering. Stop working too much and find more time to make your elderly parent happy.


The items enumerated above are just some of the fundamental challenges that you may encounter as you care for an elderly parent. Make sure that you make the necessary preparations to ensure that things will go smoothly between you and your old mom or dad. Avoid overthinking the situation, as it will not help at all.