Top Questions To Ask About Parental Care

“Not every older adult is delightful, and being the child of a difficult parent can be lonely, heartbreaking, exhausting and demoralizing,” Paul Chafetz, a Dallas psychologist says. As a child, it is your responsibility to care for your parents when they start to grow old. Take note that they have spent most of their years in raising you and in providing all your wants and needs. Now that they are no longer in their younger years, you already must care for them. To help you make better arrangements about this matter, the best thing to do is to ask yourself these questions:



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Food Restrictions For Senior Parents




Taking care of elderly parents must be one of your top priorities in life. As an adult offspring, it is your responsibility to ensure that your senior parents are in good health all the time. According to Donna M. White, LMHC, CACP, “Scientific research shows that eating healthy can drastically change your mood and improve your way of life.” Take note that they are not getting any younger. You must exert some effort in making sure that they avoid a specific set of good. As early as now, it is significant to emphasize that the secret to a long life is choosing to follow a healthy lifestyle. Below are some of the food restrictions for senior parents:



Caffeine has become famous all over the world. Many people have made it a part of their daily intake. While coffee may offer some benefits to its consumers, it is also established that too much of this kind of beverage can cause serious health problems. Always remember that seniors have a lower tolerance for the adverse effects of coffee. Because of this, it is necessary to remind your senior parents to drink coffee in moderation.





One of the most common sicknesses suffered by elderly individuals is diabetes. This illness is something that you need to take seriously. When any of your parents have diabetes, it is possible that they would encounter complications in their medical condition. As such, your primary goal is to keep them away from sugar. In preparing for their food, be sure to lessen or eliminate the use of sugar to taste.



Fatty foods can lead to increasing the risks to the health of your senior parents. In fact, these can cause problems for the functions of its circulatory system. Keep in mind that high concentrations of cholesterol in the blood can also lead to atherosclerosis. Another possible scenario is the development of heart disease, which could eventually end in a heart attack.


Carbonated Drinks

If your senior parents are fond of drinking carbonated drinks, then find ways to make them stop consuming it. Tell them that soft drinks are bad for their health. These beverages are high in sugar, which can trigger problems that could lead to diabetes. Aside from this, it can also result in stroke especially when the body could not handle too many unhealthy elements or components inside it. Matthew Smith, Ph.D. shares that, “Water continues to be a healer, perhaps one we should consider more carefully.”



 Processed Foods

As much as possible, it is necessary to add some fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet of your parents. Do not let their consumer processed or canned foods. As you probably know by now, these contain preservatives that can be unhealthy for your senior parents. As an alternative, go for natural foods that are rich in fiber. If they are staying in your place, be sure to keep the processed foods in storage areas that are not readily accessible for them. When you do this, you would be able to help them decrease their cravings for such foods.


Watching the diet and lifestyle of your old mom and dad is essential for their well being. Do not take them for granted by helping them avoid the restricted foods. Be there to support them every step of the way. This is the point of their lives when they could use some assistance from you. “Knowing the multidimensional aspects of wellness can help to improve your health,” shares Shainna Ali Ph.D., LMHC.

More Than Being Filial – Caring For My Elders

When we get older one thing is for sure – our parents will get old, too.   Are you ready for that time?  The time when it’s no longer your parent who’s going to look after your welfare, but the other way around?  How do you view this?  Does it worry you as a burden, or would you like to prepare early on being the filial child? “If older caregivers have health problems themselves and become mentally or emotionally stressed, they’re at a higher risk of dying,” said Richard Schulz, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh.




Sacrifice Is A Natural Thing For Parents

Some parents tend to give everything they can for their children’s welfare and security.  Parents sacrifice a lot of themselves by working hard and setting goals that they try to meet in whatever way they can, even if it means less rest and less time for themselves.  They set aside what they want to do in life just to provide the needs and wants of their children.  Their happiness often depends on how well they can support and raise their children to be better than them in every way.  Being a parent is a tough challenge that comes within our lifetime.


The responsibilities and duties of my own parents come beyond themselves because they have more than one life to take care of.  They always think of how to sustain the everyday challenges and ways to fight back as life pushes them through the corner of hardships.  My parents sacrificed a lot for us just to see us reaching our dreams and wants in life, and they expect nothing much in return.   Making both ends meet is my parents’ exceptional talent.




Pay Back Time Or Giving Back?

Time will come when my parents would no longer be able to work as much as they used to. Even doing their activities of daily living will one day be impossible for them to perform.   As my parents continue to grow old, they can depend on no one else but us, their children.   It is our turn to tend and care for them, not the way they cared and looked after us because we can never equal that.   But the closest we can do for them is to support them, especially on how they wish to be in their days of retirement. Older parents might do better to try to understand and address the child’s concerns. According to Karen Fingerman PhD, “We found in our research that when the middle-aged adult is worried about the aging parent, the parent is both annoyed by that and feels more loved.”  It may be difficult for us to give them their old age needs because of many things running down on our own plate, but proper parent care and planning have a variety of ways for our parents to feel loved and at the same time cared for by us.


If we think of their old age as payback time, it will just burden us.   But if we think of it as an act of gratitude for what our parents have done for us, it becomes easier as we think of it as the time to give back. After all, we will not be who we are if not for them.


Planning Ahead Of Time Makes Things Easier

Planning care for our parents early on is the least we can do for the sacrifices they’ve done for us.  It can help lessen the hassle of knowing that we have outgrown our parents in making a living.  By the time our parents can no longer strive for life, planned parent care is indeed the greatest gift we can give them.

Planned parent care compromises insights into things that our parent wants to have, in the sense that they will feel content and happy in their current state.  Planning early on for the retirement of our parents is something manageable while we still don’t have much responsibility.   We do the planning with them.  Ask away the stuff they want or need when they reach a certain age, the age where they feel that they can no longer do the usual things they used to do in the past years.


Looking after our parents’ welfare especially when they are old is one of the best ways to communicate to them how grateful we are for all that they have done for us.




When we come to that age wherein we are the ones who are giving the care our parents need, they can view this as very fulfilling, especially seeing us become successful enough to provide them with their needs such as medication.


Sadly, the last thing to think about is when our parents step up to graduate life.   But before that day comes, it would be nice that they feel our filial love through our care in their old age. “When your days as a caregiver have ended, you’ll want to look back and know you did the best you could for your parent,” Alexis Abramson, Ph.D. says. “You’ll want to know you made the most of the last days, months and years with your loved one — surviving the bad times but always remembering to seek out and cherish the good. Just as important, you will want to have a life to return to, filled with people you love, activities that interest you, and the good health to enjoy them.”

Top Things To Consider: Living With A Senior Parent


Growing up is part of life, and it is something that you cannot avoid. It means that being an adult is indispensable as well as caring for an old parent. Whether you like it or not, everyone expects you to be there for your senior parents when they grow old. You cannot escape this responsibility. It is only right that you make an effort to help them enjoy a good life after retirement. According to Carol Bradley Bursack, “Regardless of who moves in with whom, the decision to cohabitate with aging parents is a serious one that affects all relationships within a family, careers, finances, and the physical and mental health of everyone involved.”

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Never Do These When Visiting An Old Parent


If there is one thing that you need to know about seniors, it is the fact that most of them are already impatient and grouchy. Just remember that this change in attitude is not all about you. Keep in mind that the way they act or react to anything you say and do is affected by several factors. Because of all these, it is highly recommended that you exert more understanding when it comes to dealing with a senior parent. You need to put up with her new kind of attitude. “Empathize with your parents,” says Christina Steinorth, MFT, a psychotherapist.

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Top 3 Common Things That Kids Forget About Aging Parents




Now that you are already an adult, you probably spend most of your time doing work at the office or running your own business. Sometimes, you will feel that the twenty-four hours you get a day are no longer enough for all the things you want to do. Because of this, there is a high tendency that you will miss spending time with your aging parents. While this is only typical of an adult, it is not an excuse for doing it regularly.

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Helping Elderly Parents Make A Bucket List

I grew up knowing that my family was not well-off. Both my mother and father had to work full-time to provide my needs, as well as my siblings’. There were only a couple of times every year when our wish to buy toys would be granted, too: during our birthdays and on Christmas day. And while my classmates would always display their new bags and clothes on the first day of the school year, I would be there in my not-so-new clothes and the same bag that I used last year. Continue reading “Helping Elderly Parents Make A Bucket List”

Why You Shouldn’t Think Of Cost-Cutting When It Comes To Your Beloved Parents

When I am not busy working, you will typically find me volunteering at homeless shelters all over the city. You can say that it is one of the teenage passions that I have carried over to adulthood. I enjoy teaching and cooking for the less fortunate individuals in the community than drinking and partying with friends. Continue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Think Of Cost-Cutting When It Comes To Your Beloved Parents”

What To Tell Elderly Parents About Healthy Eating


Most elders criticize the members of the younger generations for loving fast foods. They tend to say, “When we were your age, we’re more than happy to eat fruits and vegetables.” Thus, they get to live a long life. “The food you eat can have a direct effect on your energy level, physical health, and mood,” says Carol A. Gooch,M.S., LPC, LCDC, LMFT.

Despite that, it’s no secret that some senior citizens have embraced innovation too much, to the point that they no longer want to eat healthily. In their minds, you can only live once; that’s why you should eat whatever you want while it’s still possible.

In case your elderly parents won’t listen to you about healthy eating, here are some things you can tell them.

  • You will always look and feel fresh. According to psychologists Lawrence Robinson, Jeanne Segal Ph.D., and Robert Segal, M.A., “Eating a healthy diet is not about strict limitations, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, it’s about feeling great, having more energy, improving your health, and boosting your mood.” Even after eight hours, you will still have the energy to cook for your family or play with your grandkids. You will also not have to get checked by a doctor often, except for general examinations. You can do any activity you want because you are getting all the nutrients that your body needs to stay fit.
  • Coughs and influenzas will rarely be a problem even if people who are infected by them surround you. After all, your immune system will be strong enough to fight such viruses. If ever you do get affected, your recovery time will be faster.


  • You will never have to worry again about your weight. Some people panic when they see that they are gaining or losing weight, but if you only stick to healthy meals all day, you will never face that problem.
  • Your brain will function better, so you can also perform better during the day. A study has proven that healthy eating can help you keep your mind and memory sharp even at an old age.
  • You can get all the nutrients and minerals that your body needs.
  • In a way, it will always make you happy because your digestion will be smooth, thanks to the fiber in your food.
  • You will have glowing skin, and you will not have to drink or apply any chemically infused products that may have side effects on you later on.
  • It will make you live longer. Now you know the secret of the oldies who are already in their 80s but still seem stronger than other people younger than them.


If you have aging parents, it is recommended that you begin changing their diet into a healthier one. They are more prone to diseases than ever, so they need to eat real foods that can replenish the nutrients in their bodies. There are many adults right now who have kept on just eating burgers and sweets in their childhood and are now regretting it, so do not let them live that way.

It is great to be on this earth without having to worry about acquiring many illnesses or other health-related problems. Besides, you will feel clean inside and out because you are not eating much crappy food already that does nothing but add empty calories to your body.


Enforcing a proper diet is not a bad thing. No matter how old you are now, do not think that you are already too old to change your food lifestyle. After all, it is still better late than never. “In reality, having a healthy relationship with food involves indulging along with being flexible and kind to yourself,” stated Rachel Goldman, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist focused on health and wellness.

Why You Should Let Your Elderly Parents Eat Dark Chocolate


“Is adding dark chocolate on your healthy eating plans a good idea?”

This is the question that a lot of people ask, especially by the chocolate lovers who find it challenging to get rid of this yummy treat completely. Yes, it is hard to let go of this delicate chocolate, so you may be thrilled to know that dark chocolate is an excellent addition to your diet.

There have been whispers before that dark chocolate is great for your health. No, these are not made up by chocolate manufacturers who want to earn more profits. According to some studies, what makes dark chocolate better and healthier than other kinds of chocolate is the substantial amount of cocoa left in the product. White or milk chocolate tastes sweet because there are more sugar, milk solids, and other additives in it than cocoa, you see. And since chocolates go through the heating process, that little content gets even smaller. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, is bittersweet, but the health benefits of cocoa are still intact.

In case you still can’t decide whether you should give dark chocolates to your elderly parents, here are more reasons why you should do it.

Blood Pressure Normalization

Some researches show that dark chocolates have cocoa polyphenols. These are micronutrients that help reduce a person’s blood pressure without affecting their body weight. The change may not happen as soon as you take a bite on your dark chocolate, but you will eventually see it. Not to mention, you must admit that it tastes better than any medicine prescribed by your doctor.

Combats Free Radicals


The nutrients in dark chocolate improve the movement of your arteries. Aside from that, its antioxidants are great against free radicals that cause heart diseases and even some forms of cancer. This function is especially beneficial for aging individuals who are prone to such illnesses.

Bad Cholesterol Decline

Dark chocolate should be eaten by people who have high levels of bad cholesterol. It is also great for those who want to reduce weight because eating it makes you lose your appetite and get more energy. Furthermore, it has fiber that can aid in your digestion process, as well as magnesium that reduces risks of blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Mood Enhancer

If you are feeling sad, get a piece of dark chocolate, and you will have a better outlook on life. After all, cocoa can enhance your mood by aggregating the dopamine activity of your brain. Your parents may feel not so lonely when they can eat it.

Final Thoughts


Getting darker chocolate is better than having dark chocolate, of course. However, you should know that you may still gain extra pounds if this is all you eat every day. If you munch on dark chocolate nonstop, its health benefits will inevitably be overpowered by its high levels of calorie. Moderation is the key to everything.

We hope that the information above will make you feel less guilty of giving chocolates to your elderly parents. Cheers!